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Dr. Prince A. Miles - The Legacy

Joining a legacy of preachers well known for their prophetic calling, Dr. Prince A. Miles answered the call to ministry in 1975. His father, the late Apostle Charles O. Miles, officially ordained him into ministry in 1977.  Dr. Miles went on to receive formal training from William Tyndale College and the United Bible College and Seminary, where he earned a Doctorate of Divinity degree.

Dr. Miles has upheld the integrity of the Miles Name.  He served as Pastor of The Community Gospel Tabernacle Church in Harrow Ontario, Canada from 1987 to 1990.  A second generation preacher, Dr. Prince A. Miles was consecrated in 2006 as Gods Young Apostle and currently, he serves as Founding Pastor and of the International Gospel Deliverance Church in Southfield, Michigan.

His purpose and mission which is to reach the world for Jesus Christ extends beyond the United States. Dr. Miles conducts life-changing crusades and revivals in Africa, India, Israel, Egypt, Trinidad and Haiti. In recognition of his hard work, dedication, perseverance and leadership abilities, Dr. Miles was featured in the 2006 Inaugural Edition of Whos Who in Black Detroit and is a lifetime member of the Global Directory of Whos Who.

Dr. Prince A. Miles is a leader and shining light in the community.  He is a witness for Jesus Christ. His desire is to make a difference and see lives changed and transformed by the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. 
                                 What People are Saying, "He Was Our Prince"

  • Letter from President George W. Bush
  • "The story of how a promising young life can be ended in an instant by the careless act of a drunk driver cannot be told often enough. The effect of that loss on the survivors and the community is an important part of that story. The ability of Pastor Miles and his family to deal with their tragedy and turn it into a positive lesson for the community is inspiring and important for all of us."
              Judge Susan Moiseev

Dr. Prince A. Miles book entitled, "He Was Our Prince"
puts more thanjust a face on this selfish crime.
It adds heart and soul as this father details his
feelings about the loss ofhis 21-year-old son to
a drunken driver, the day after Christmas 2003.

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